Where Ya Been Friend?

I have been trying to attend each Blues on the Mall concert in downtown Grand Rapids this year. It is all summer for ten weeks and it is free in downtown Grand Rapids. The goal? Just to get a photo of each entertainer each week. I normally see one or two different friends each week when I am there.

This week I saw a fellow photographer. Let’s just call her Jill. We walked, chatted a bit, and walked some more; all the while taking photographs of singers, people, other photographers, each other, break dancers, motorcycles and their owners.

I just want to say, it is good to get out. Walk around, absorb some sunshine, and have a pleasant conversation with someone different each week.

Now, back to meetings… Oh, wait, I have no more for the week and it is only Thursday. Maybe I’ll go pick some blueberries if they are still available and set up some meetings for tomorrow.

Ran all this way and only…

I’m observing people at a large ‘free’ event in downtown Grand Rapids. Blues on the Mall. Sponsored by WLAV and Budweiser. Tommy Castro is singing tonight. I think they said it’s been happening for 17 years now. Free blues music live in concert on Wednesday nights in the summer. I come to get a photograph of the artist giving his heart and to see the people for a while. Oh, lots of bikers too. A high percentage of Harley Davidson’s in the area.


Who doesn’t understand image resolution? Well, I’m gonna tell ya…

I try to tell others it is like making an image out of grains of colored sand or salt.

For a low resolution image, let’s say that you have a limited amount of salt. One teaspoon (the size of a sugar cube) and you are going to spread that out on the table and make a portrait from it. You only have that one teaspoon of colored salt to do it.

How large are you going to make that image so it is recognizable and with detail? As large as the table? As large as a DVD case? How about a business card? Doubt it. It will probably be as small as a postage stamp if you only have one teaspoon.

Now, what if you had a bucket of salt? You could probably make something a bit larger couldn’t you? Maybe as big as that table.

If each grain of sand could be called a byte, a small photo might have 350,000 bytes and will have sufficient detail.
A large photo might have 34,000,000 bytes.

See the difference in detail from a 350,000 byte image compared to a 34 million byte image?
354,000 bytes compared to 35,000,000 bytes