BE Your Best

In mid-August, I got together with Jordan Marie Carson a local celebrity who was very comfortable posing and has a great smile. This was a really fun shoot even though it was about 90 degrees on that morning. At least I could sweat and it wasn’t caught on camera.

This is the October 2010 cover of BE Your Best that recently came out, a Grand Rapids Press advertising publication.
BE Your Best October 2010 Cover and samples
I’m enjoying every shot I get.

Mike and Sondra’s Wedding

On September 25th this year, I was a second shooter for Mike Moody and Sondra Hull.

It was a great afternoon though it was a bit cold and misty at times. The wedding was outdoors at Mike’s mom’s up in Howard City. Great view from across their pond. Reception was downtown at the Masonic Temple.

This event was held during Art Prize 2010 which brought thousands of people to downtown Grand Rapids. We went right in the thick of things to do some group portraits along the Grand River and for the most part, you can’t tell there were hundreds of people milling around.

The finale to this special event was the couple wanted us to set up a backdrop and studio lights at the reception and just take fun portraits of the guests and wedding party for a few hours. It was a winner in my book to be able to do that. We got lots of good portraits, funny shots, and studio type images of friends, grand parents, and relatives.

Congratulations Mike and Sondra Moody. September 25, 2010.

18 Vintners in Two Days

Harvest Stompede 7 mile, 5k Race and walk. No, I didn’t over do it by visiting 18 vintners in two days in Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan. I used moderation.

There was a 7 mile, and a 5k race / walk at Ciccone vineyards on Saturday morning September 18, 2010. It was rainy in the morning right up to the 9am start but stopped just as the race began and an hour later the sun came out. Most of the runners / walkers were back by then. I shot about 350 photos on the race and headed up the hill to Ciccone with wet feet.

The vintners that I went to are part of Leelanau Peninsula Vintner’s Association ( and they have a guide with addresses and even GPS coordinates to help you find your way. To accomplish getting to all 18 vintners in two days, I started on the east side of Lake Leelanau at Ciccone and then went to Willow and at the bottom of the hill, Chateau De Leelanau. I then dropped down a short distance to Shady Lane Cellars then up to Black Star Farms. After that I headed further north and visited 45 North, Circa Estate, Tandem Ciders, Silver Leaf, Leelanau Cellars (one of my favorites on the bay) and finished up the evening at 6pm at Good Neighbor Organic. I actually made it to 12 in that day. Stopped in Leland for a while and headed over to Glen Arbor for the night.

My intention was to get an exterior photo, a few detail and interior images, and their ‘pairing’ of food and wine at each location so I didn’t stay at each one sampling all of their wines, only the paired wine. It wouldn’t have been very safe to drive if I enjoyed everything behind the bar as I went along.

I stayed the evening in The Homestead condominiums in Glen Arbor back on the west side of the peninsula and graced Cherry Republic at noon on Sunday, then headed north on the west side to Good Harbor, and Gill’s Pier and chatted a while up there. I then headed back down the center to finish up at Chateau Fontaine, Bel Lago, and finally Longview at 5pm.

After a safe ride home I began my photo import and got some sleep for the next day’s adventures.

Photo copyright 2010 Daniel E. Johnson, Johnson Graphics Inc.