Robert Brouwer
Robert Brouwer

Robert stopped by this morning and we drank a pot of coffee, chatted about our businesses, and I took some portraits of him for his use on websites.

It was good to talk with someone who is as old as one of my sons.

As we look forward to the new year, we should see what support we can give to others to enjoy life and freedom that this country still offers.

To infinity and beyond!

Angela and Son, Among Others

A sampling of what I did a few weeks ago.

I recently had some fun photo shoots for BE Your Best, December issue for the Grand Rapids area. Sadly the December issue is the last for Grand Rapids.

I met Angela and her son Jonah at The B.O.B. for a cover shot with “The Festival of trees” display.

I hung out for a while with Wendy Wassink and crew at Kantorassink Advertising Agency for a style shoot.

I tried to keep up with Lynne Jarman-Johnson along the Grand River for one other shoot on an article about Letting Go of stress. I should take her up on that more often. I had some stress related problems a few weeks ago