Tens, Hundreds, or Thousands

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Adobe Lightroom

As a photographer I handle all of my photos with software from Adobe called Lightroom.

I love this software for how I can process and manage two, ten, a hundred, or a thousand photos from one photo shoot and not be driven crazy! If I’m simply shooting a dish of food that I cooked or processing a commercial or editorial style photo shoot and need to enter caption information and keywords for future recall, this is the software for me.

I have just completed a 48 page book and lesson to teach others how I use this program and am beginning some classes in a couple of weeks to show others how I process my photos from a photo shoot.

If you are interested in knowing more how to efficiently handle and process images from your latest photo shoot. Contact me for more information. Classes are formed and more are forming.

Contact me if you want to join a class or have a private lesson! I had to remove the contact form here because idiot spammers don’t have anything better to do…

Adobe Lightroom Screnshot.
Lightroom Can Handle Hundreds or Thousands of your images.