Action Shot

Action Shot
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A few days ago I went up to Manistee for a couple of nights.

I took these on the day that I headed out of town and away from the concrete for a while. I’ve been fortunate to have some family property available to visit and stay at since 1967. Only about two hours away from the grind. Plenty of Michigan sights in between home and there to pull the car over for a few minutes to memorialize with a camera.

So, what’s with the gerbil on the wheel? For me it is the money shot. After about 30 other exposures I got this. When I was done with this shoot, I packed and left the concrete jungle for a few days.

It was good and refreshing.

Yes, the problems in my life are still here but I am refreshed and ready to take the problems on.

I’ll try to trickle out a few photos that I took along the way in the next few days.

Three Years Ago.

I was looking up a photo today that I have on flickr and this one was next to the photo I found.

I realized I don’t have a lot of photos handy of my daughter Amanda. I might as well cherish this one until we can get together for an updated portrait.

I posted this image as an outtake from a ten minute or so back yard portrait session that I talked her into sitting for me before she left the state for employment in North Dakota. I’m not sure I thanked her for sitting for me so I could practice my newly learned lighting skills.

So, thank you Amanda. It was three years ago yesterday that I took this photo. Hugs and especially KISSES!



Originally uploaded by photoshoparama – Dan

I spent about an hour wandering around my house this morning with a 50mm 1.8 lens taking photos of whatever got in front of my lens. I was taking a forensic approach to my life. Examining, observing, seeing where I need improvement and what’s good to go.

Considering what if I died right now and a forensic photographer or just other observers came in and saw how I lived. I’m not considering anything stupid, no worries.

I’m just looking at my life.

It was a good experience.

Now to get outside and enjoy some of this great weather.