Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

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Sometimes I just have to get these things out of my head.

This photo illustration came from a previous location I was residing at. I was visualizing a hostage situation so I added the rope to the image but then it started looking like I was going to hang myself. That’s out of the question. I’m glad to be here but know I could go at any time.

Enjoy life. I am.


So I just got untied and have had a chance to do something with it.

What do you think?

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We have ways to make you talk.

Moonlit Watering in the Acidic Garden

Have you considered that all of these trees around us are our neighbors and they’re keeping our air clean?

Can you identify ten different trees in your area? Five? Two? A maple leaf is pretty easy. What about the three lobed leaves that are similar to a maple?

Pine trees (evergreens) were most likely used in the framing that is holding the roof and possibly the floor together wherever you are sitting right now unless you are in a cave, school, or a high rise building.

I’m not suggesting that we all start hugging trees but we could try to be as aware of our environment as we are of football, movies, or video games.

This was a six second exposure in full moonlight but the moonlight did not show on the top of the frame as I was hoping. I took only one shot while I was holding an LED flashlight in one hand and a spray nozzle set on ‘shower’ so this was only illuminated with a small flashlight seen swirling around as I was weaving in between these three evergreens.

I wonder how this would have turned out if I didn’t use a flashlight? Black? Probably so. Must mean that you need light to take a photograph.

It’s been a very long time since I did tree identification (7th or 8th grade) and it was about this time of year when I got that assignment. I remember that I had to do it pretty fast since it was September and the leaves were changing and falling off of the deciduous trees and I had to collect at least 20 good leaf specimens for a good grade. I’m a little rusty on this since it was ages ago. Time to set aside some study time and refresh my memory on tree identification.

Keep learning.