Five Bandaids

Five used bandaids taped to my shelf

It’s currently the end of my work week.

I light a few candles after work while I’m washing up and just realized I’ve been sticking a used bandage on my shelf each day when I take it off. Call me a slob if you must. I’m only using them as cushions and to keep my nail clean but I don’t want them to get wet while washing or everything gets all wrinkly.

Looks to me like I’ve got another two months before it may be closer to normal.

I don’t think it is ever going to get back to its beautiful birdlike appearance. It may enhance how I could “give the bird” for the rest of my life though.

Forward ho.


Hullo? NE1 Home?

It appears a long time has passed since I last posted here on my WordPress site.

I’ve been busy with changes and challenges and a lot has been going on.

I HOPE to get this zipping along again very soon. I had an accident on August 21, 2014 and have a healing broken ‘distal phalange’ on my the middle finger of my right hand. I’m off work for a few more weeks and watching the bills begin to come in. So, more challenges.

Since I haven’t posted anything in over a year, I’m a bit rusty on giving my posts some pizazz and this to me is more of a refresher posting and I can see if this still works… I’ll be back.

Where have I been?

Glad to be here.

I think I’m done losing weight. About 70 lbs is gone actually. I was up to 230 a few times in my life. I went from a size 38 to a 30 / 32. I was there a few decades ago, I just got back but am needing to shop for all new clothes. A good thing I guess. How? Portions. I’m now eating to live, not living to eat. I got realistic and changed my eating and drinking habits. Now to keep doing what I’m doing and increase some other things to improve my body a bit more… That road bike has to get on my trainer soon. But cruddy, cold, wet weather and wearing eyeglasses is a negative point in my desire to get back on the outdoor road with my bike.

Life Cycles

Life CyclesLife Cycles

Photo taken October 10, 2011. In NE Grand Rapids near Knapp and Fuller

How are you doing? Easy to say and not sincerely mean it. What if this person is dying and knows it and really wants to talk to someone? Are you ready to open your heart and listen to them? Some people think we get one shot at life, some might believe you get another chance.

I’ve been aware of the brevity of life for a long time.

How are you?

Sticky Situation

Sticky Situation

Originally uploaded by photoshoparama – Dan

Sometimes I just have to get these things out of my head.

This photo illustration came from a previous location I was residing at. I was visualizing a hostage situation so I added the rope to the image but then it started looking like I was going to hang myself. That’s out of the question. I’m glad to be here but know I could go at any time.

Enjoy life. I am.


So I just got untied and have had a chance to do something with it.

What do you think?

Via Flickr:
We have ways to make you talk.

Moonlit Watering in the Acidic Garden

Have you considered that all of these trees around us are our neighbors and they’re keeping our air clean?

Can you identify ten different trees in your area? Five? Two? A maple leaf is pretty easy. What about the three lobed leaves that are similar to a maple?

Pine trees (evergreens) were most likely used in the framing that is holding the roof and possibly the floor together wherever you are sitting right now unless you are in a cave, school, or a high rise building.

I’m not suggesting that we all start hugging trees but we could try to be as aware of our environment as we are of football, movies, or video games.

This was a six second exposure in full moonlight but the moonlight did not show on the top of the frame as I was hoping. I took only one shot while I was holding an LED flashlight in one hand and a spray nozzle set on ‘shower’ so this was only illuminated with a small flashlight seen swirling around as I was weaving in between these three evergreens.

I wonder how this would have turned out if I didn’t use a flashlight? Black? Probably so. Must mean that you need light to take a photograph.

It’s been a very long time since I did tree identification (7th or 8th grade) and it was about this time of year when I got that assignment. I remember that I had to do it pretty fast since it was September and the leaves were changing and falling off of the deciduous trees and I had to collect at least 20 good leaf specimens for a good grade. I’m a little rusty on this since it was ages ago. Time to set aside some study time and refresh my memory on tree identification.

Keep learning.

Who’s Spraying Whom? And with what?


Since the 1940’s or earlier, someone’s been seeding clouds with various chemicals and particles. What are they doing TODAY over our land called America?

You ARE aware that what bugs me is some group is spending a lot of money on this and where is the money trail leading? There is so much need in the world and someone is playing god with the weather and trying to control or modify it.