I’ve Seen It All. Well, Almost.

Well, talking about the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures at Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. I THINK I’ve seen all of the installations at the park.

They are even showing a 90 minute movie for free that shows the design and creation of most of these types of sculptures. It was filmed at a week long event with Dale and his workers producing glassware in amazing ways.

I’ve put some of these photos on my Flickr pages. Here are a few of them. The display runs for a couple more months. http://meijergardens.org/

Close to the Fire

Weed Wacker's Challenge.


The Paycheck. Easy.


On my own. Not Easy.

Starting a business is difficult, and daunting. There is so much to do and honestly, I think the tax system is a joke in this country. Way too much and too confusing for too little benefit. What is given to us for these taxes? Air? I want to honestly make money and pay my taxes on the money that I earn. I’d like some left to live on please? I think we are going backward and needing to become hunter / gatherers again for each day’s food and security. I’m disappointed in this country.

There are no full time, with benefit jobs in a similar field to my previous experience at the moment. Something might come up. I’m not giving up, I just have to get this off my chest and what better way than to have it made more permanent via the internet.

It is very difficult Working on my own for the necessary evil of money with a couple of dependents left and no help from my other half who I’ve asked for years to please help. Constantly looking for ways to improve life.

It was easier in my little bubble of full time employment for 31 years simply doing my job and in exchange getting a paycheck and a few nice benefits beside. The company handled everything need to run a business in the background and I simply got a paycheck.

Monday – Made for Macros

I have been partaking in a flickr group for a couple of years now. Each Monday, we post up to five images depicting our take on the weekly theme. We simply have to get as close as possible so a macro lens helps a lot. I don’t think I have missed many of the weeks themes.

Some captures are pretty cryptic, some are fun, some are serious.

This week’s theme was “Looking Up.”

Here are a few of my latest interpretations…


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not...

What things would you get close to to show what “Looking Up” means to you?

Cloudy Evening

I headed out to Grand Haven in the early evening on Wednesday. Hundreds of people and cars were leaving the lake shore for other places to worship the sun. I met up with Brian Gudas and we walked, talked, and of course took photos (that’s what we went there for.)

These type of clouds are fine with me… There are usually pockets of brightness coming through. The Pier Peddler had a nice spot of brightness on it.

Grand Haven Small Business
When the Clouds Come Around, the Crowds Die Down

Flash Diffuser – result two

I used a Gary Fong flash diffuser (also known as a modifier) Saturday morning shooting some apartment interiors. I used it off camera simply for fill light in a dark area. No biggie this time.

I have concluded that I am not going to rush out and buy this item. It diffuses and spreads the light around but I can save about $50 for now by simply cutting a .79 cent piece of white craft foam and gaff taping it to my strobe. They both get the job done.

Flash Diffuser Result One

Well, I tried the Gary Fong flash diffuser on camera last night at a small event I was hired to shoot.
Briefly –
Pro: No need to use a bracket to rotate from horizontal to vertical shots. It throws the light out there and spreads it all around and illuminates everything near by. It worked well for groups up to ten people. I didn’t shoot larger groups than that.

Con: I don’t like on camera flash so everything is flat. Joe or Mary Public won’t see that. They’ll only see uncle Fred or Doctor Kaboookie but I need some modeling on my photos so I will try one more time for this type of event to use a strobe on a stick or a bracket to get it off camera a bit and see how that works.

Today I shoot an apartment interior. I normally shoot for HDR with these but will try the Gary Fong adapter in this situation.


Flash Diffusers

Gary Fong Lightsphere II Inverted Dome Flash Diffusion Pro Combo System. That’s a mouthful.

I just borrowed a couple of different style Gary Fong diffusers for a gig Friday night.

I did some research and should be able to use them correctly now. No dome cap for high ceilings, cap on for low ceilings.Will mess with them tonight or in my studio before then to make sure they are what I want to use.

I have always used a bracket and sync cord for events but that bracket adds to the weight after a long day and is not very ergonomic.

I’ll post some results soon.


BNI logoI just became a member of a BNI group in Grand Rapids.
It stands for Business Networking International.
Only one representative from each profession is allowed so I am the only photographer in this networking group. Let’s see how business evolves from us sharing resources and references. Grand Rapids has a number of these groups. http://bni.com/

BNI Chapter IV. – http://www.bnigrandrapids.com (just checked and embarrassingly, their site is down)