I Have a Dog

Well, let me correct that. OncWinston_DEJ_8122e in a while I have a dog. A friend of mine asked me if I could take care of his dog while he went on a few short vacations this summer. So for the third time this year I’ve watched a small dog named Winston He’s fixed, chipped, and a good protector of his home.

Many of you have dogs and I’m impressed with all of you that have chosen to provide a home and love for them. I’ve never had a dog of my own due to the attention that they need. As for the other common household pet of the feline persuasion, I’ve had numerous in my lifetime. Cats are a little more self reliant. Give them food, water, and a litter box and they are fine for a couple of days if necessary instead of only eight to ten hours.

Dog looking out car window with his tongue hanging out - blurry.This little guy gets very excited and looks at me with a twinkle in his eye and smile on his face when he sees his leash and knows it is time to go out. He jumps excitedly a foot in the air in anticipation of going outside. But he isn’t one that likes to be let out alone in his fenced in back yard to do his duty and always expects me to go out with him. When the door is first opened after working all day and he has to go out, he greets me at the door and runs out about three steps, turns around and waits for me to come with him or he will try to come back inside with me while I am putting my stuff down so I get to go right back outside with him while he takes care of business.

When I took him for a walk the other night he sniffed, stopped, and ‘marked’ every spot where other dogs left theirs. I didn’t know he had that much in him.

Dog sitting and waiting for my command or a treat to be tossed to him.He does not like walking in the rain to do his duty, and neither do I like taking him out in the rain if I don’t have a cap on my head. When we had to go out in the rain, he avoided the grass. He is so short the wet grass drags across his belly and he seems very uncomfortable so he stays on the sidewalk. Nevertheless, he had to do his duty and eventually he did what we went out for.

The day after the rain, I brought him in the back seat of my car without a pet carrier and he happily rolled around on my back seat and then enjoyed the view and air as we headed to the park for a walk. The next morning my car smelled like ‘wet dog.’ So I bought an edible air freshener. A pizza; and brought it home in my car to help cover the smell. The only problem then was my car smelled like a wet dog sat on a pizza for two days.

Blurry Dog sniffing my camera.
Winston sniffing my camera.

I really like the adjustable length leashes available when I take him out because when we are walking along I can let him out to sniff a tree or hold him close to my side so pedestrians, joggers, and bikers can pass by. As we strolled through Riverside Park and using that leash a biker came zipping past from behind us and he began barking and chasing her before I could stop his. She yelled at me and said. “That’s not funny!” Well, I was just as surprised as her and hollered out, “Ma’am I’m sorry but I wasn’t laughing. I’m just dog sitting and I didn’t know he would do that.” Good dog. Guarding the world from those mean bikers.

Winston at the Drive ThroughAs for companionship, Winston will snuggle right next to me as I watch television, read, or work on my laptop. I’ve slept at my friend’s house a few times while he was gone and Winston loves the company.  As for sleeping next to me, it just doesn’t work well, we both move around too much so neither of us get much sleep so he ends up getting his mat on the floor and I get the couch by myself. Oh, he snores a bit too.

Feeding time has been fun. I was told to just keep his bowl filled which is contrary to how I’ve taken care of other people’s dogs. Another couple who I dog sat for earlier in the year have two dogs and they feed their dogs in separate rooms with one scoop of food a day. Their dogs are both in great shape. So Winston has gone on a diet whenever I have watched him. Less in, less out, less chance of having doggie bombs in the living room when I get back from work at the end of the day.

Photo of a woman picking up dog poop with a plastic bag over her hand right after her dog did his duty.If I ever do get a dog, it will be one that can use the toilet like us grown humans do. I am not fond of picking up their bombs from lawns and house floors and carrying poop around in a small plastic bag.

I still don’t think I can have a dog of my own because of the attention that they need. I like the companionship that they provide but my life hasn’t settled down yet where I can have one full time. So, again, a tip of my hat to those of you who do have a place for probably the most popular household pet in the world. Cheers. Here’s a doggie treat for your friend.