Her First Father’s Day

What a special day.

I was able to meet up with Aaron, Brittney and Madilynn on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015 at Lamar Park in SW Grand Rapids.

Madilynn was reaching her sixth month of seeing this big old world with her mom and dad.

With some help from a friend and Madilynn’s noisy toys, we were able to get some great expressions from her.

It was also Aaron’s first Father’s Day. :)

Here are some of our favorites from the photo shoot hosted on my flickr page.


No photos

Up or Down?

Landscape or Portrait? Telling Your Story in Photos.

While visiting my mom and sister one evening, sis mentioned that she had been making dog biscuits for her dogs. She only has two of them but they’re big enough to eat for six being German Shepherd, Husky, and Rottweiler mix. So she makes them herself to save money. She’s got a couple of cats too but that’s a different story.

I used to think of my sister as Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies if any of you remember that show and her love for critters.

Home baked dog biscuits.
Close-up photo of a batch of dog biscuits that my sister makes.

While taking some close-up photos of her freshly baked dog biscuits, my mom said “Let me take your picture Dan.” So I smiled for her to take my photo.

Photo of me horizontal and dead centered. Photo by my mom.
Mom’s awesome son. Doing the traditional adding 20 pounds pose.

I noticed how she was holding her camera and suggested that she turn her camera upright and put my head toward the top and try it again since I was standing upright.

Mom taking my photo with her camera.
Mom turned her camera upright to take my photo after I asked her to try it again and put my head toward the top.

So she obliged and took another one.

Photo of me by my mom after turning her camera upright.
I suggested that mom rotate her camera upright since I was standing upright.
Good job mom. What a handsome son you have. I even noticed that you are bracing both of your arms against your body for stability.
Later as they were looking at her photos on her camera, I started taking photos of them looking at the photos and I had to remind myself to rotate my camera to capture the subject.
Mom and sister looking at something that the picture doesn't show.
Mom and sister looking at what? I don’t know. The picture doesn’t tell the story. How about if I rotate the camera like I suggested to her?

As a horizontal, I could only see them and not what they were looking at. They could have been dissecting a frog or playing cards for all anyone could tell.

Every picture tells a story right?

Some of these photos don’t tell the story as clear if the entire subject isn’t in the frame.

I was sitting on a couch opposite them and had a fixed length lens on so I couldn’t move back any further. Simply rotating the camera tells the story more completely.

Mom and sister looking at photos that she had taken with her camera.
Telling the story more completely. After turning MY camera upright, I am able to tell the story more clearly.
I am aware that many people are using cell phone cameras now and they are more naturally shooting vertical photos of vertical subjects because of how the phone is held.
I thought I’d just mention this in passing to think before you shoot. Or in this case, re-shoot after if you can because you ARE taking photos to tell a story aren’t you?
Mom and sister giving a smile to me.
Mom and sister giving a smile to me.


My Mom stopped by a few days ago and I got her to relax in my studio. You’re doing pretty well for a woman just over 50 mom. :c ) If any of you know her, don’t forget her birthday is March 19. That’s just a few days away. Contact me if you need her mailing address to send her a card.

She Brought Me into this world...
Hey Mom, I love you!

I’ve been busy sorting papers and crunching numbers for the tax man.

I’m  working on the tutorials that I mentioned in my last post. My class went well, I’ve done and am scheduling one on one tutorials for Lightroom also.

I am networking a lot and building a diversified sales team.

Time flies when you are having fun.

The best part? The days are getting longer.

Tens, Hundreds, or Thousands

Adobe LR Lightroom symbol
Adobe Lightroom

As a photographer I handle all of my photos with software from Adobe called Lightroom.

I love this software for how I can process and manage two, ten, a hundred, or a thousand photos from one photo shoot and not be driven crazy! If I’m simply shooting a dish of food that I cooked or processing a commercial or editorial style photo shoot and need to enter caption information and keywords for future recall, this is the software for me.

I have just completed a 48 page book and lesson to teach others how I use this program and am beginning some classes in a couple of weeks to show others how I process my photos from a photo shoot.

If you are interested in knowing more how to efficiently handle and process images from your latest photo shoot. Contact me for more information. Classes are formed and more are forming.

Contact me if you want to join a class or have a private lesson! I had to remove the contact form here because idiot spammers don’t have anything better to do…

Adobe Lightroom Screnshot.
Lightroom Can Handle Hundreds or Thousands of your images.

Mike and Sondra’s Wedding

On September 25th this year, I was a second shooter for Mike Moody and Sondra Hull.

It was a great afternoon though it was a bit cold and misty at times. The wedding was outdoors at Mike’s mom’s up in Howard City. Great view from across their pond. Reception was downtown at the Masonic Temple.

This event was held during Art Prize 2010 which brought thousands of people to downtown Grand Rapids. We went right in the thick of things to do some group portraits along the Grand River and for the most part, you can’t tell there were hundreds of people milling around.

The finale to this special event was the couple wanted us to set up a backdrop and studio lights at the reception and just take fun portraits of the guests and wedding party for a few hours. It was a winner in my book to be able to do that. We got lots of good portraits, funny shots, and studio type images of friends, grand parents, and relatives.

Congratulations Mike and Sondra Moody. September 25, 2010.

Test Run

My son Vince is going to be a senior in high school this year and I have been discussing how he is going to want his portrait taken for the yearbook.

His thoughts are, “I’d like to have a snow sculpture in it with me in the background, out of focus.” Uhh, no. I don’t think mom will approve.

This one’s going to be a challenge.

We stopped at a local park that is a hot spot for senior portraits and other portraits. The sun goes behind trees earlier than normal because it is a low spot with a stream running through it.

I had his little brother Quentin help hold a reflector and couldn’t get Vince to give much of a smile until Quentin started joking with him. Thanks Q.

Vince cracked a smile for the camera.
Vince at Grotto Park near Grand Rapids' North end of Riverside Park.